August 20, 2014

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Lilly loses her brave battle



Progress Staff Writer

PAULDING – Little 4-year-old Lilly Dearing lost her battle with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (inoperable brain tumor) on Saturday night.

The beautiful little girl loved her stuffed animals and the color pink. She loved to play and began attending Paulding Preschool in August. In early October, Lilly began having flu-like symptoms which never seemed to go away.

By late October, Lilly was falling down, drooling excessively and had tremors. Her parents took her to various doctors and clinics who all agreed that she appeared to be normal.

Finally, her mother, Mandy Briner, got Lilly an appointment with a pediatrician who sent them to St. Vincent Hospital in Toledo.

That was the beginning of the end for Mandy and Lilly’s father, Todd Dearing. Following testing and an MRI on Jan. 23, Todd and Amanda heard the worst news parents could hear.

Their little daughter had an inoperable brain tumor the size of a fist. Mandy said, “I cried and cried, I was angry. I wanted her to live. She is my life.”

The community had fundraisers and Lilly was taken to the Burzynski Clinic where a different type of treatment is used. The success rate was said to be 40 percent in treating this DIPG cancer, which was better than a zero percent.

Lilly was in Texas undergoing treatment for approximately one month. During that time, her grandmother, Tammy Saul, kept everyone updated with the news of how Lilly was doing.

Lilly returned home to Paulding on March 11. Her treatment was administered at home, and Dr. Wendell Spangler agreed to oversee her medical issues.

On March 21, Lilly was diagnosed with pneumonia and treated locally. However, her treatments had to be stopped because of her pneumonia.

As Lilly continued to fight, her little spirit became low and she got a puppy, which really brightened her little world.

On Thursday, March 31, Lilly was flown to a Toledo Hospital because her temperature had risen to 103° and she was having problems breathing.

The doctors in Toledo said they did not think it was pneumonia, but something from the result of the tumor. She returned to Paulding and got an MRI, which was shipped to Texas.

On Saturday morning, Grandma Tammy, who has been a registered nursing assistant, found that Lilly was strangely quiet. She had postured her little hands and was not requesting, whining or wanting anything. Throughout the day on Saturday, Tammy said she could feel Lilly slipping away.

Later, the update came from Mandy Briner and also from Tammy which said, “FINAL UPDATE: Our beautiful little Lilly has joined our Lord in heaven yesterday at 6:20 p.m. Saturday evening at Paulding ER. Her struggle has ended and ours will continue. Our hearts are broken and filled with pain. A new little angel will be dancing among the flowers and sits at the side of our Lord. She will be forever loved and sadly missed. Rest now our sweet baby. We love you so. Mommy, Daddy, Granny and the family.”

Please see Lilliana Rose Dearing’s obituary on Page 3A.