August 29, 2014

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A Penny For Your Thoughts


By Nancy Whitaker


For ages many people have believed that pennies bring good luck. Sailors used to throw pennies into the sea to ensure a safe voyage. That custom was later converted into the tradition of tossing a penny into a fountain or well to have a wish granted.

It is said that those who find a penny are also supposed to have good luck the rest of the day. Maybe you have found a penny yourself as you walked along the sidewalk. Did you stop and pick it up or just ignore it?

A man tells the following story about finding a penny and a lesson he learned from it. A man was walking with his wife across a parking lot and looked down and saw a penny. He thought to himself, “People will think I am poor or beneath them if I bend over and pick up that penny.” So he walked on and did not pick it up.