September 2, 2014

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

By Nancy Whitaker


Easter candy and the Easter Bunny have been around for years. We all know that is not the reason we celebrate Easter, but Easter candy, baskets and Easter eggs have also became part of our celebration.

Now I remember when I was a girl (not too many years ago) that at Murphy’s Five and Dime Store they had large chocolate Easter eggs and you could have your name written on them.

Those big chocolate eggs were either coconut, vanilla or fruit and nut flavored. It was always one of my Easter wishes to find one of those eggs in my basket.

We had marshmallow bunnies, jelly beans and these bigger colored eggs that had white filling in them. Those bigger eggs had a hard candy shell and certainly were not my favorite.

The first chocolate eggs were made in Europe in the early 19th century and remain among the most popular treats associated with Easter.

Did you know 82 percent of Americans say they would prefer a chocolate or candy bunny for Easter, while only 7 percent say they would prefer a live rabbit? I am one of the 82 percent. I do not want a live bunny for Easter.

In fact, I will attest to this: “Please don’t give live bunnies for Easter. Chocolate ones are so much better.” Chocolate bunnies do not require feeding or clean up, are always sweet in nature and can’t bite back when you nibble on their ears.

Each day, five million marshmallow chicks and bunnies are produced in preparation for Easter. That is a lot of candy.

I remember it was always so much fun to fill my kids’ Easter baskets. We would get them a few toys and candy and we always hid their goodies.

Of course I had special hiding places, but one of my favorite places to hide Easter treats was in the clothes dryer. Of course, that got old after a few years and the kids knew where to look for at least one basket. As years went by, I had to get more creative.

Coloring Easter eggs was always a fun thing to do when the kids were at home. I recall buying the Paas coloring kit which had little colored tablets in it. You would drop the colored tablet into a cup of water and add vinegar.

On the outside of the Paas box was a little Easter egg holder that my kids always loved. They still talk about it today.

My least favorite kind of candy is jelly beans. I recall I used to work with a girl who bought nothing but jelly beans, because she knew I didn’t like them. Therefore, I would not eat them all up.

It was funny because we both loved chocolate, which would always disappear in a hurry if we didn’t hide it.

By the way, the world’s largest jar of jelly beans weighed 6,050 pounds and another thing we had to celebrate was April 22 – it was National Jelly Bean Day.

Easter is a special time of year and we all celebrate Christ’s resurrection. We also celebrate a reawakening of flowers and new life.

By the time you read this, Easter will be over for another year. You will have already colored eggs, ate eggs or possibly bought a live bunny. Have you eaten all your Easter candy yet? Let me know and I’ll come over and help you.

Actually, I’ll give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.