August 21, 2014

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'ttyl,' 'lol' and the real friendship connections

By Jim Langham

The language of Facebook abbreviations and cell phone messaging these days is totally amazing. I know a few of the pet phrases such as, “lol (laugh out loud),” “ttyl (talk to you later)” and the famous sign-off smile grin. But my knowledge of such is very limited to that of the generation below me.

One evening I was invited to someone’s home for a snack. A message appeared on my cell phone that simply said, “What is your TOA?” For minutes I tried to figure out the abbreviation. Finally, I bowed my pride, gave in and texted, “What is TOA?” “Time of arrival,” I was told immediately. Of course, it was followed by an, “Lol.” Then a message, “Good food waiting for you,” followed.

To that I responded, “PTL.” “What is that,” said the sender. “Praise the Lord,” I responded!