August 31, 2014

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Gimme shelter

By Jim Langham

I had just been off of the airplane two hours earlier this summer when I was suddenly told to take immediate shelter at a Christian bookstore in Oklahoma City. The manager of the store then instructed us to go the central conference room, the designated tornado shelter for the store.

Simultaneously, an emergency radio in the store was tuned first hand to spotters chasing a monstrous tornado, a half mile wide with 215 mile per hour winds, not far from our location. Some people trembled, others sat numb, while a few prayed as we listened to thunder discharge like bombs on the outside.

Inwardly I recalled that Palm Sunday night 46 years ago when we huddled in a corner of our church while the earth vibrated, the hail pounded and the wind roared outside of First Missionary Church (Berne, Ind.) during the infamous tornado outbreak of that year.