August 28, 2014

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

By Nancy Whitaker:


When did you get your first pair of glasses? When I first started school ages ago, we used to get our eyes tested at school once a year and all we had to do was look at a chart and name the letters. Those of us who could not see the chart were told to follow up at an eye doctor’s office. They usually wound up getting glasses.

Years ago we associated glasses with the elderly. However, one of my kids could not see the blackboard when she was in the second grade and we found out that she needed glasses.

My little grandson, age 4, is now the proud wearer and owner of a pair of glasses. He looks so cute in them. I was surprised to see how well they fit and how he left them on. Of course, I asked the question, “Since he doesn’t know all his letters yet, how did they check his eyes?”