August 28, 2014

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Dallas Lamb issues press release on closure


The following press release was sent at 5:51 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 22 by Lanette Briley, LNHA, administrator of Dallas Lamb Foundation Home:


The Trustees of Dallas Lamb Foundation are saddened to announce the closing of the facility immediately. Arrangements for our residents will be communicated and made as appropriate.


The trend away from nursing homes is already clear. We have tried and tried every conceivable approach to make it succeed but nothing has worked.


The number of facilities in the U.S. has decreased more than 1,000 over the past ten years as well as the number of Medicaid only beds. Those certified for long term care stays has decreased in half.


Why is this happening? In part, it is because Medicaid is gradually providing more long-term care at home. To help fund this our bed tax has more than doubled.


Another reason is simple economics. Medicaid cuts of 3% and Medicare cuts of 11.1% are cuts that small homes like Dallas Lamb can no longer absorb. Not-for-profits like Dallas Lamb can only make up the difference for so long until finally there are no more funds available.


Another reason is while nursing home long term care is being squeezed, seniors and their families are turning to alternatives such as assisted living. Therefore many of those who would have been in skilled nursing are now in assisted living.


Senior living facilities have been battered by the recession. With the average nursing home more than three decades old, new construction is needed when the economy eventually turns around…. But it hasn’t.


We understand the closing will be painful but we have no other option.


The Trustees wish to express their sincere gratitude to Louis Lengacher and Lanette Briley who have provided excellent leadership to the Dallas Lamb Nursing Home over the past several years. Both of these outstanding individuals accepted the challenge to assist the Trustees to help turn around the previous years of losses experienced by the nursing home due to declining number of clients living at the nursing home. Unfortunately, the number of clients being served could not be consistently increased contributing to the decision to close the facility. Neither Louis Lengacher nor Lanette Briley are at fault for the Dallas Lamb nursing facility.



Dallas Lamb Foundation Board of Trustees




#4 2011-09-29 00:32
I origionally started here at Dallas Lamb when I was A sixteen year old kid with no training of any kind. They gave the training and a skill set that I soon discovered I was ment to do the rest of my life! I was recently re hired back apparently in enough time to say farewell to my all the people I have admired and loved for so long. We have the resilience to get through this because we will do it together... as a family! I love you all and wish you the best!
#3 2011-09-27 18:39
I would like to thank my fellow co-workers of Dallas Lamb for their hard work an dedication. I will miss you all. We made a difference in so many lives.
We will have good memories of the residents we took care of. I have enjoyed my 25years at Dallas Lamb an all the residents I've grown to love.
#2 2011-09-25 23:59
I, as an employee of Dallas Lamb for many years can not express the saddness this brings to me and my fellow co-workers. Dallas Lamb is not just a Nursing Home, but a family... When we were told we would be out of a job sometime between last thursday and the next 90 days to come not one person quit. Our love for the residents and the place in general will keep us there until every last person is gone. It saddens me that these people are losing their homes, it didn't have to be this way... My hope is that someone will buy the the place and open it back up so we can all continue to give the love and care that Dallas Lamb is known for and we, as staff members enjoy providing every day!

Dallas Lamb Nurse
Desirae English LPN
#1 2011-09-24 19:49
The ones who deserve the praise for keeping Dallas Lamb open this long are the faithful employees who gave the administration wage concessions and endured cuts in their hours afterwards. So, basically, they took two wage cuts instead of one. These employees are the best in the business for the loving and compassionate care that they give their residents. Their sacrifices and their wonderful care has kept Dallas Lamb running this long. They are the ones who deserve your praise. Nurses, aides, activities,diet ary,housekeepin g,maintenance, and environmental employees worked tirelessly for the good of the residents. This is just too sad.