August 27, 2014

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In My Opinion

By Mary Beth Weisenberger

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I just got a haircut.

Please, dear readers, do me a big favor and drive downtown right away so you can see my new haircut and realize what it’s supposed to look like. Come and catch a glimpse of the “before” version. Feel free to snap pictures at this event – I’ll be taking a few myself for posterity’s sake. It’s important to capture this moment because by this time tomorrow, my lovely hairstyle will spontaneously combust and I’ll be back to routine bad hair days. Twenty-four hours after a visit to my hair stylist is about all the time I get to look like a mature woman who is in control of her own hair.

And then it’s my turn to style it.

Unfortunately, no matter what I do to avoid regressing to the “after” version of my hairstyle, it’s an epic failure. I try in vain every six weeks to magically recreate what my stylist has done to my hair. I shell out big bucks for the specific salon products she used. I pay close attention to every swish of the brush and sweep of the curling iron. I ask what she’s doing at every step. I request a mirror so I can study the back of my head. I always walk out of there with a false sense of confidence that I will indeed be able to duplicate what she hath wrought. How hard can it be? I ask myself.