September 1, 2014

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Gimpy spared for another Christmas

By Jim Langham

For Gimpy, 2011 has been a matter of survival. Several months ago, a young man in the area sensing danger for the young turtle, rescued Gimpy, took him to his room, created a suitable environment and adopted the turtle as a special friend. Gimpy was well taken care of and loved as a special pet.

All was well for Gimpy for several months, but that all changed a few weeks ago when a devastating fire destroyed part of the home in which Gimpy was living. The upper and rear parts of the home were completely destroyed, including the room in which Gimpy lived. Unfortunately, when family members were hurriedly trying to remove all belongings they could, no one thought of Gimpy.

That afternoon, when Gimpy's special friend arrived from school, the first thing he asked his father was whether or not anyone had rescued Gimpy. Sadly, the father admitted that no one had thought of Gimpy. To make things worse, the father knew that the ceiling of Gimpy's room had collapsed. Nevertheless, the father climbed to his son's room. Sure enough, he found what he suspected. The ceiling had collapsed on Gimpy's home and the turtle was nowhere to be seen. A dismal day had become even darker.