August 31, 2014

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Christmas without Christ?

By Jim Langham

Assuming that Christmas really isn’t past since Christ is still alive and his birth has still occurred, I want to share a recently found journal entry that is 28 years old that melted my heart to tears when I recently reread it during a time of reflection.

The entry occurred on Dec. 14, 1983. Our children were young. Julie was 8 years old, Sandi was 5 and Jason was just a few months. We cuddled into a country home in the lake-like wilderness of Branch County, Mich., a place where our children spent 11 years of their childhood as I served a small country church there.

On this particular evening, we were having a discussion with the children about what Christmas would be like without Jesus. We agreed that in today’s world, we could still go on with the giving of gifts, the family feasts, the Christmas shopping sprees, the trees, the lights, the ornaments and all that Christmas had become as a festivity. Sadly, we concluded that in many places, Christmas, as known in our times, could go on even if Christ wasn’t in it.