September 2, 2014

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In my Opinion

By Bill Sherry

It’s not the winter of 1978

I have vivid memories of the winter of ’78 and maybe you do, too! I remember the long winter when we measured snow in feet instead of inches. I plowed and shoveled several times as I wondered why we had built our house so far off the road.

That cruel winter of ‘78 I was working for an excavating contractor in Bryan and had the experience of removing snow from parking lots with a small caterpillar with no cab. A couple of days after the blizzard I had to go to Van Wert for some parts for the equipment we were working on. The trip from Bryan to Van Wert took most of the morning as there were clear areas then there were several mile stretches that the snow was blowing and drifting. It was amazing to see snow drifts as high as the roof of most of the houses along U.S. 127 all across Paulding County. Well enough of that, this winter is not the “Winter of ’78”! I am sure you agree if you are old enough to remember.

This winter of 2011-12 is so mild and sunny that I have to look at the calendar to be sure it is still winter. It’s not time yet, but some of my crocuses have peeked out of the ground. “It’s too early,” I think to myself. “The days are too short and the nights are too long, so go back to sleep for a while.” That’s right, we need more than daytime temperatures in the mid-50s to declare that winter is over. The groundhog saw his shadow and declared six more weeks of winter. What does he know? In my opinion, old Mr. Groundhog obviously isn’t quite awake and will probably never figure out that it has been a Tennessee winter in Ohio this year.