August 1, 2014

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Bright Colors Brighten the Day

A close friend of ours was relating the bright details she always enjoyed in the conversations with a 96-year-old lady that she cared for. She was bright, alert and always looking for the little things to cheer her nearly century-year-old perspective on life.

“Things that many of us tend to glance over so easily are the joy of the hour when one took a ride with her,” said our friend, Barb, who spent her life teaching high school art. “She would say, ‘My, look how blue the sky is today,’ ’Look how bright the flowers look,’ or ’Look how rich the colors are across the countryside.’

“In fact,” said Barb, “she was always the kind of person that just knew how to bring the cheery colors out in life.”

For several days I kept mulling over the effect of color in my mind; the memories of the bright zinnias that my grandmother used to grow, the never-ending picture opportunities of the quilt-like colors of autumn across the countryside, the quick-effect of a bright sun and blue sky after a dreary day and the hope brought by the colors of a rainbow right after a storm.