September 2, 2014

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A Penny For Your Thoughts


“If I could win the lottery, I would travel. If I was rich, I would buy a new house, a new car, furniture and a swimming pool. How many of us have said those very words? I know I have.

I would venture to bet that if Mr. Average Joe won or inherited a million dollars, he, too, would spend the money on things to assist in living and producing a better lifestyle.

Now, rich people can afford more than me, but I wonder what kind of items do they actually spend big bucks on? You will be surprised at some of the world’s priciest items that have been bought and sold. Would you buy any of these items even if you had the money?

If you like cigars, one of the most expensive cigars ever sold was handcrafted in Honduras and came in a box made of carved camel bone and brass. Gurkha Cigars only produced five chests of 100 cigars, each priced at $115,000. That makes each cigar $1,150, a lot of money to “go up in smoke.”