August 28, 2014

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Commissioners’ Journal April 1, 2013
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 5:37 PM


This 1st day of April, 2013, the Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Fred Pieper, Tony Zartman, Roy Klopfenstein, and Nola Ginter, Clerk.


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby appoint the following members to the Planning Commission; to-wit:

Member Term Expires

Steve Sukup 3 Year Term 12-31-2016

Aaron Timm 3 Year Term 12-31-2016

Be it FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby reappoint the following member to the Planning Commission; to-wit:

Jim Stolle r 3 Year Term 12-31-2016


Meeting Notes of Appointments

Aaron Timm, Engineer's Office - Mr. Timm and the Commissioners discussed various county and township roads that are currently being used for hauling. Mr. Timm noted the Engineer's Office and Township Trustees need to be proactive in making roads more conducive to heavier traffic. Building up the roads' shoulders and patching the broken edges (especially on intersections) will help maintain road quality and hopefully cut back on major, more costly repairs.

Paul Kunkle, All Trades Historical Restoration - Mr. Kunkle met with the Commissioners to discuss sandstone restoration for the Courthouse. Mr. Kunkle noted all the sandstone is flaking and eroding. There are sandstone window ledges and arches on the Courthouse. The base of the Courthouse (under the brick) and the cornerstones are also sandstone.

Dan Smith - Mr. Smith requested a meeting with the Commissioners. Also in attendance were Lou Ann Wannemacher, County Treasurer; Carol Temple, County Recorder; and Ann Pease, Clerk of Courts. Mr. Smith discussed his trust he has inherited and his desire for the trust to transfer to the county upon his death.

Becky Suvar, WMEA - Ms. Suvar presented plans for an optional 'field' trip prior to the Four-County Solid Waste meeting on April 29. Paulding County is to host the quarterly meeting in April and Ms. Suvar has made arrangements for the group to tour the Quasar Energy Group facility at Haviland. The Commissioners thanked Ms. Suvar for making the arrangements. She will notify the Four-County Solid Waste director and provide brochures for their information.

Tony Langham, PCED Director – Mr. Langham met with the Commissioners to update them on upcoming meetings of PCED's personnel committee and board. He reported in lieu of his September 30 retirement date, the board will soon be advertising his position. Mr. Langham provided the history of Paulding County Economic Development. Formed in 1993 by Commissioners Maurie Wannemacher, Elaine Harp and Tony Langham, the PCED was then funded solely by the County General Fund and donations. In 1999, the Antwerp and Paulding CICs organized the office, created by laws, and formed their governing board. Since then, the General Fund annual appropriation to PCED has fluctuated. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 $25,920 was allocated to PCED. 2009, 2010 and 2011 saw no allocation to PCED from the County's General Fund. In 2012, the Commissioners were able to allot $15,000 and in 2013 the amount went to $30,000. Mr. Langham noted the PCED board would no doubt have additional questions and concerns as they begin the process of hiring a new director.

Claudia Fickel, County Auditor - Ms. Fickel reported she has been receiving calls from other counties regarding wind farm revenue and PILOT settlement.