April 17, 2014

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Should the county emergency management agency office duties be a separate office?
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Varsity games of the week May 15

Varsity Games of the Week



Paulding 6

Allen East 3


Elida 6

Wayne Trace 2


Wayne Trace 8

Antwerp 4


Antwerp 7

Montpelier 6


Paulding 1

Bluffton 0


Wayne Trace 6

Edgerton 3


Antwerp 10

Holgate 3


Paulding vs. Columbus Grove ppd to Friday


Hicksville 8

Wayne Trace 7



Antwerp 7

North Central 3



Wayne Trace 3

Antwerp 1


Allen East 12

Paulding 7


Tinora 10

Antwerp 0


Wayne Trace 7

Delphos Jeff. 6


Continental 14

Antwerp 2


Bluffton 2

Paulding 1


Del. St. John’s 9

Wayne Trace 2


Holgate 8

Antwerp 0


Paulding vs. Columbus Grove ppd to Friday


Hicksville 6

Wayne Trace 0



Fairview 9

Paulding 1


Ottawa-Glandorf 9

Wayne Trace 0



Ft. Jennngs 4

Antwerp 2



At Delphos:

Boys’ meet -

Paulding 59

Delphos Jeff. 59

Girls’ meet -

Delphos Jeff. 64

Paulding 55


At Haviland:

Boys’ meet -

Wayne Trace 68

Crestview 65

Del. St. John’s 42

Girls’ meet -

Del. St. John’s 73

Wayne Trace 52

Crestview 40



Boys’ meet -

W.Trace 3rd 79

Antwerp 4th 59

Paulding 5th 49

Girls’ meet -

W.Trace 3rd 89

Paulding 5th 60

Antwerp 6th 42


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