August 22, 2014

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Friday, May 31, 2013 12:15 PM

Commissioners’ Journal May 22, 2013

This 22nd day of May, 2013, the Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Fred Pieper, Tony Zartman, Roy Klopfenstein, and Nola Ginter, Clerk.



A motion was made by Mr. Tony Zartman to go into executive session at 8:09 a.m. with the County Prosecutor to discuss legal matters. The motion was seconded by Mr. Roy Klopfenstein. All members voting yea. At 8:44 a.m. all members present agreed to adjourn the executive session and go into regular session.



Mr. Roy Klopfenstein moved to adopt the following resolution:

WHEREAS, the County Health Insurance plan has changed from being partially self-funded to fully insured with Medical Mutual of Ohio; and

WHEREAS, a fund with various line items must be created to account for the revenue and expenses of said health insurance plan; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby direct the County Auditor to create a new fund for accurately tracking the County Health Insurance plan, to-wit;

Fund Number and Name: Fund 192 - County Health Insurance

and be it also RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby direct the County Auditor to create revenue and expense line items and appropriate to the same in the newly created Fund 192; to-wit;

Revenue Line Items  Estimated Revenue

192-001-10001 Payroll Deductions $40,000

192-001-10002 County Offices $72,918

192-001-10003 Sheriff's Office $26,170

192-001-10004 Dog & Kennel $7,000

192-001-10005 Health Department $13,942

192-001-10006 Job & Family Services $38,765

192-001-10007 R E Assm. $1,802

192-001-10008 Soil Cons. $-0-

192-001-10009 Cert of Title $60

192-001-10010 WIC $3,213

192-001-10011 CSEA $4,400

192-001-10012 EMA $25

192-001-10013 PHIG $1,533

192-001-10014 Victims' Assistance $4,000

192-001-10015 Probation Dept $7,000

192-001-10016 Library $57,000

192-001-10017 Juv Prob Officer $4,000

192-001-10018 Senior Center $3,578

192-001-10019 Bd of Elections $800

Expense Line Items  Appropriation

192-001-00001 Misc Expense $10,000

192-001-00002 Consultant Fees $8,000

192-001-00003 Premiums $268,206



Mr. Tony Zartman moved to adopt the following resolution:

WHEREAS, the Paulding County Treasurer has requested authorization to solicit bids for Public Depositories on behalf of the County; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby authorize the Paulding County Treasurer to solicit bids for Public Depositories for the term September 15, 2013, through September 15, 2017, with bids being considered in the Commissioners' Office, 115 N. Williams Street, Suite B-1, Paulding OH 45879, at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, July 15, 2013.



Bill Edwards, Health Department - Terms for current members on the LEPC board expire August 13, 2013. Mr. Edwards offered to contact potential appointments.


Judge Suzanne Rister, County Court - Ms. Rister met with the Commissioners to update them on County Court. She reported almost 1,100 traffic cases so far ins 2013, which is well above average. Criminal cases are also ahead of the average. Civil cases are at 244 so far this year, with the average for a year being 400. Judge Rister noted now that the economy has eased, she has been doing more garnishments to cover costs. Jury trials are also more frequent. Ms. Rister commented her clerk is receiving training this week. Judge Rister reported she has written a letter to the Ohio Supreme Court requesting their consideration for a full-time County Court judge for Paulding County. She noted looking back the last five years' statistics to verify the need Judge Rister explained she usually does arraignments (first appearance) on Mondays and averages up to 10 a day. Thursday is set aside for traffic violations. Mr. Rister reported County Court will soon be installing equipment to fingerprint everyone at their arraignment. Fingerprints will be filed electronically with BCI. Judge Rister briefly discussed the new nationwide reporting system for CDL truck licenses, noting truckers are driving more cautiously so as not to get points on their license which could cost them their job. As a final note, Judge Rister was happy to report County Court will be sharing an intern with the Sheriff's Office this summer. She commented doing an internship is a wonderful tool in determining a career choice.


Todd Schweller - The Commissioners discussed the Courthouse interior lighting, realizing new fluorescent light bulbs will soon be required. Mr. Schweller recommended using the same fixtures, replacing the batistes to accommodate the new federally mandated, energy efficient lamps/bulbs. Mr. Schweller agreed to contacting a lighting company for recommendations.


Tony Langham, PCED - Mr. Langham presented RLF paperwork for signatures.


Wes Farbach, Senator Rob Portman's representative - Mr. Farbach discussed a variety of subjects with the Commissioners. He mentioned the Senator will be writing a support letter for EDA funding for the Pioneer Railcorp project. He also noted he had driven past Cooper's new truck wash near Oakwood. Mr. Farbach briefly discussed the challenge of providing health care for employees, noting several counties are now part of a consortium. The Commissioners were happy to report Paulding County has survived the economy slump and is enjoying a slight increase in revenue due to wind farm and sales tax revenue. Mr. Farbach also commented on the ongoing issue of sewer systems for small villages and counties.


Lou Ann Wannemacher, County Treasurer - Ms. Wannemacher presented OWDA loan paperwork for the Auglaize Sewer project. She then reviewed the April investment report, noting she invests almost $11,000,000 for the county. Ms. Wannemacher reminded the Commissioners the Auglaize Sewer interest payment is due July 1, 2013 and will be automatically withdrawn from the County's bank account. She requested the Commissioners authorize her to solicit depository agreement bids (see resolution above).


Lamar Holiday, Wayne 15 News - Mr. Holiday interviewed Fred Pieper.