August 30, 2014

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Commissioners’ Journal June 19 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, June 27, 2013 2:16 PM

Commissioners’ Journal June 19, 2013

This 19th day of June, 2013, the Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Fred Pieper, Tony Zartman, Roy Klopfenstein, and Nola Ginter, Clerk.



A motion was made by Mr. Tony Zartman to go into executive session at 8:04 a.m. with the Paulding County Prosecutor to discuss legal matters. The motion was seconded by Mr. Roy Klopfenstein. All members voting yea.

At 8:36 a.m., all members present agreed to adjourn the executive session and go into regular session.



Mr. Tony Zartman moved to adopt the following resolution:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby direct the County Auditor to amend the 2013 Annual Appropriation by appropriating the following in the Permissive Tax Fund (Fund 024), to-wit;

024-001-00001/Permissive Tax/MVR Expenses AMOUNT: $5,900



Mary Leinard - Ms. Leinard introduced herself as the owner of the Leinard Mobile Home Park in Antwerp. Her father purchased the property in 1968, which is located along old US 24 (now CR 424). She noted that ODOT had been paving 100 to 150 feet of the entry road into the park. The entry road and other sections of roadway in the park are in need of repair. Ms. Leinard noted the PCBDD bus uses the roadways in the park daily. The mobile home park has remained private property. Ms. Leinard asked for recommendations to assist in roadway upkeep and maintenance. The Commissioners recommended that she contact the PCBDD.


Claudia Fickel, County Auditor - Ms. Fickel presented the Sales Tax Revenue, General Fund Receipts, and General Fund Expenses reports for June. The Commissioners will review the reports before the Audit Committee meeting next week. Ms. Fickel reported the General Fund carryover remains strong. She also reminded the Commissioners there is a triennial update on property, which may result in an across the board increase in some land values. She then noted she hosted the district Auditor meeting last month. Thirty-two were in attendance. Ms. Fickel discussed dog tag sales in lieu of the coming changes in the dog warden jurisdiction.


Susan Hill-Pieper and Michelle Stahl, Paulding County Carnegie Library; Joe Burkard, Prosecuting Attorney - Ms.Hill-Pieper and Ms. Stahl met with the Commissioners to discuss the library levy their board would like to place on the ballot this fall. Ms. Hill-Peiper presented various reports for review. She noted Paulding’s library is one of three in the State of Ohio that is a County Library. Ms. Hill-Pieper gave a brief history of the Paulding County Carnegie Library, stating the original funding was secured in 1912 and opening day was in 1916. She also stated Ohio is the number one funded state for public libraries. Levy dollars make up 50% of the Paulding library’s current budget. Ms. Hill-Pieper also pointed out that 80% of Paulding County’s population have library cards. She commented that the continuing levy proposed in 2008 failed, however, the current five-year levy was passed by 23 votes in the 2009 fall election. The library board is requesting approval of a continuing levy to ensure future financial stability. Commissioner Zartman noted that he supports the library levy 100%; however, he does not support a continuing levy. He voiced concerns about accountability issues in the future, if a continuous levy is in place. He also stated he is hesitant to put the voters in a position of paying on an on-going levy, noting there currently is no other county entity that has a continuing levy. Ms. Hill-Pieper again stated her board members are looking at financial stability for the future of the library. The Prosecuting Attorney explained the process by which a levy can be placed on the ballot. The library is not a taxing authority and their levies must flow through the Commissioners’ Office, as they are a taxing authority. The Prosecutor explained the Commissioners are the conduit, moving the levy on to the Board of Elections so it can be put on the ballot. He further explained that the Commissioners do not decide the financial necessity or the terms of the levy. There is a gray area in the law in that if the Commissioners vote ‘no’ on the ballot resolution, the Board of Elections cannot put on the levy on the ballot. Ms. Hill-Pieper and Ms. Stahl agreed if the levy failed, it would force the library to cut services and personnel. They were in agreement that the Commissioners need to approve this levy and let the voters decide. No vote was taken and the issue was tabled for future discussion.


Matt Davis, Maumee Valley Planning Organization - Mr. Davis met with the Commissioners to discuss the progress of the Moving Ohio Forward program. He reported there have been three abandoned or blighted residential properties razed so far and there are six more in the process. Mr. Davis noted there are two properties on the original project listing that have been taken care of by the owner of the property. He is very pleased with the work done to date and remarked asbestos is the biggest unknown when it comes to cost of a project. Mr. Davis will contact township trustees to see if they have moved forward in getting owner consent or foreclosures on the properties that still need to be done. He also mentioned the state may have additional grant dollars to award. To submit a property for demolition, owner consent or municipal condemnation action is required. Mr. Davis had a spreadsheet listing the properties recommended, the cost of the work done, the grant amount and the balance.