August 23, 2014

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More than butter
Saturday, June 29, 2013 2:37 PM

A Penny For Your Thoughts....


This week has been a devastating one for beloved Food Network star, Paula Deen. Personally, I am just sick at the way she has been treated by her employer and her sponsors.

I am sure others may have a different opinion than I do, but when you watch these stars and let them into your your homes everyday, you feel like you get to know them. The same holds true for Deen.

I love her cooking, her Southern friendliness and her rags to riches story. Her wonderful recipes calling for a stick of butter tempts my tastebuds and encourages my creative cooking skills.

The latest saga in Paula Deen’s life stems from a gal who managed one of Paula Deen’s and her brother, Bubba’s, restaurant for five years.

The former employee claims she was subjected to racial slurs, jokes and sexual innuendoes during her five years of employment. At first, the accuser approached the Deen family and said she would settle out of court for a price.

The Deen family did not want to pay out the money and claimed that the accusations were just not true.

However, the accuser did take it to court and Deen was asked questions in her deposition, if she had ever used a racial term at anytime during her life.

Deen replied at one time she did in fact use the derogatory term. She went on to explain, it happened when she was being robbed by a man at gun point. She said she did not promote or stand for racism and she had been raised to tell the truth.

From there, the story became the focus of news reports, talking heads and the social media. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon to voice their opinions.

But then, if it wasn’t bad that Deen was being sued for an alleged racial term, her employer, the Food Network, on which she had a cooking show for the past 12 years, chose not to renew her contract.

The very people she thought were friends and coworkers did not want anything to do with this star who had brought them in a many fans and a lot of dough. (Pun intended.)

Of course, Deen and her two sons, who also have cooking shows, were devastated. Their fortune had not came easy. For years Paula was a single parent and she and her sons made money selling bagged lunches for workers during lunch hours.

Paula’s bagged lunches were so good and tasty that they became popular with the lunch crowd. She became known as The Bag Lady. Paula’s expertise was in fact cooking. She loved cooking the good old southern dishes and all of her recipes contained rich wonderful ingredients.

Paula Deen was on the “Today Show” last Wednesday, sobbing and telling of her honesty and how she had raised her boys the same way. One news outlet asked her, “You could have lied on that deposition and say that you had never used a racial slur. Why didn’t you?”

Deen replied she did not lie and that she has always believed, “If God brings you to it; he will bring you through it.”

In the past few days some of her main sponsors have dropped her products while some are sticking by her side.

A Facebook page was started and is titled “We Support Paula Deen.” Since it started just this week, it has over 500,000 fans who all support the cook, her recipes, her personality, and yes her butter.

Deen has a new cookbook set to come out in October and many of her fans called Amazon or went online to pre-order the book. The book is now climbing up the ladder and will probably be on the bestseller list.

I feel that at one time or another we have all used some derogatory word that in no longer kosher to use. It is too bad how one person can take away your livelihood, your funds, and your self esteem and all you have worked for without at least giving this lady from the south a fair shake.

People can stomp on our flag and bad mouth the government and no one says a thing. However, it is a shame to let one person who has worked hard to get where she is be turned over to a pack of judgmental wolves.

The Bible says, “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.”

While we all have different opinions, we are all human. How do you feel about judgmental people? How would you feel if you lost everything you worked for due to a word you might have used 30 years ago?

Let me know and I’ll give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.