August 31, 2014

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Three countywide tax issues on fall election ballot
Monday, August 12, 2013 3:20 PM

By MELINDA KRICK • Progress Editor

Voters in this year’s general election will determine three countywide tax levy renewals and several local tax issues, plus fill seats for most villages, all townships and three school districts.

Aug. 7 was the filing deadline for the election, which will be held Tuesday, Nov. 5. The filing deadline for write-in candidates is at 4 p.m. on Aug. 26.


The three countywide levies are all renewals on behalf of the library system, health department and Enhanced 911 system.

Filing for tax issues were:

Paulding County – renewal, 0.2 mill, 10 years, for health programs of the general health district.

Paulding County – replacement with a decrease of 0.126 mill, to constitute a tax of 1.074 mills, five years, for operating and maintaining an Enhanced 911 system.

Paulding County – renewal, 2.17 mills, CPT (continuing period of time), for current operating expenses for the Paulding County Carnegie Library.

The lone school issue to be decided is a Paulding Exempted Village School District renewal, in the sum of $418,250 for an average of 2.36 mills, five years, for emergency requirements.

Residents in eight villages will vote on several issues:

Antwerp Village – 2-mill, five-year renewal for police.

Grover Hill Village – 7-mill, five-year renewal for current expenses.

Latty Village – replacement, 2-mill, five-year levy for current expenses.

Melrose Village – 2-mill, CPT renewal for current expenses.

Oakwood Village – 1-mill, five-year renewal for EMS.

Paulding Village – 1-mill, five-year renewal for fire.

Paulding Village – 1-mill, five-year renewal for recreation.

Paulding Village – 2-mill, five-year renewal for current expenses.

Payne Village – 1-mill, five-year renewal for police.

Payne Village – 1.7-mill, five-year renewal for fire.

Scott Village – 2-mill, five-year replacement for fire and EMS.

Five townships are seeking passage of levies:

Auglaize Township – additional 1.42-mill, five-year for fire.

Emerald Township – additional 0.25-mill, CPT levy for EMS.

Harrison Township – replacement 1-mill, five-year levy for fire.

Jackson Township – renewal of 0.5 mill and an increase of 0.5 mill to constitute a tax of 1 mill, five years, for EMS.

Latty Township – renewal of 1.25-mill, five-year levy for fire.


Villages will elect council members; in some places, residents will cast ballots for mayors or board of public affairs.

Village of Antwerp – candidates for four council seats are Steve Derck, Danny Gordon, Karen R. Lee, Rudie J. Reeb, Michael Rohrs, Larry R. Ryan, Larry Lee Smith and Charles K. West.

Village of Broughton – No candidates filed for four council seats.

Village of Cecil – no candidates filed for four council seats or for mayor.

Village of Grover Hill – no candidates filed for four council seats.

Village of Haviland – candidates for four council seats are Diane Mary Comer, Larry Lewis, Cindy Moser and Charles Wilson.

Village of Latty – candidates for four council seats are Darlene L. Knapp and Roger A. Miller. No candidates filed for one board of public affairs seat. Filing for unexpired term of clerk treasurer was Kay Beth Miller.

Village of Melrose – candidates for four council seats are Tabbie Bair, Flora Kathy Bland, Mike Smith and Edward R. Thrasher.

Village of Oakwood – filing for four council seats were Jennifer Ashbacher and Vicky Long.

Village of Paulding – filing for four council seats were Jim Guelde and Barbara M. Rife.

Village of Payne – candidates for four council seats are William J. Childs, Ron Etzler, Eva Marinez, Randy Miller, Ronald E. Schoenauer and Kyle Wobler; board of public affairs – candidate for one seat is Brad Young.

Village of Scott – filing for four council seats were Janice Bodle, Stanley Pratt, Claire Smith and Stephen Yoder. These were filed in Van Wert County.


All 12 townships will elect two trustees.

Auglaize Township (two seats) – Bill Wiles and Herald Yenser.

Benton Township (two seats) – Mark A. Crosby and Joseph W. Thome.

Blue Creek Township (two seats) – Jammie Hughes and Douglas R. Laukhuf; fiscal officer (unexpired term) – Chris Laukhuf.

Brown Township (two seats) – Steven B. Porter and Daniel R. Thomas.

Carryall Township (two seats) – Ray DeLong, Greg P. Hughes and John Benny Wyckoff.

Crane Township (two seats) – Charles Simpson and Joe Sukup; fiscal officer (unexpired term) – Kristine M. Stuart.

Emerald Township (two seats) – Kevin Anderson, Nathan Schlegel, Ricky Weippert.

Harrison Township (two seats) – Chad Benschneider, Gary Benschneider, James D. Harp, Kerry Hook and Dan Olwin; fiscal officer (unexpired term) – Kathy Feasby and Patricia Young.

Jackson Township (two seats) – Leon Goyings, Rex A. Gray Sr., Dennis Sanderson and Bill Strahley.

Latty Township (two seats) – Lyle R. Ebel, Larry Fast and Keith A. Miller.

Paulding Township (two seats) – Jay Dangler, Charles Dugan, Dennis Layman, Ryan Mapes, Corbin Rhonehouse.

Washington Township (two seats) – Burton Merriman and Lynn A. Noffsinger.


Four are vying for three seats on the Antwerp Board of Education: Anita S. Bok, Robert Herber, Kipp R. Taylor and Lee E. Zuber.

Three candidates filed for three seats on the Wayne Trace Board of Education: Lisa L. McClure, Perry R. Sinn and Duane L. Sinn.

In the Paulding Exempted district, two seats are up for grabs with three candidates filing: Elizabeth M. Hunt, Mark Manz and Clint Vance.

For the Western Buckeye Governing Board, no one filed for a seat to represent District 4 (Wayne Trace Local School District). Only one candidate, P. James Grubaugh, filed for the unexpired term of District 5 (at-large) board member.

Oct. 7 is the deadline for voter registration for the general election.

On Election Day, polls are open from 6:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

For any questions concerning the upcoming election, contact the county election board office at 419-399-8230.