August 31, 2014

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Commissioners’ Journal Aug. 7, 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 7:01 PM

Commissioners’ Journal August 7, 2013

This 7th day of August, 2013, the Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Fred Pieper, Tony Zartman, Roy Klopfenstein, and Nola Ginter, Clerk.



Mr. Tony Zartman moved to adopt the following resolution;

WHEREAS, two (2) proposals were received for the CDBG FY 2012 Crane Township Culvert Replacement Project; and

WHEREAS, after review of the aforementioned proposals, Maumee Valley Planning Organization and the Crane Township Trustees have recommended that the project be awarded to John Kauser Trucking Service Inc./Kauser Excavating LLC, Paulding; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby award the CDBG FY 2012 Crane Township Culvert Replacement Project to John Kauser Trucking Service Inc./Kauser Excavating LLC, in the amount of $23,766.57, with CDBG funds in the amount of $15,000 allocated to the project. Costs above and beyond the $15,000 allocation will be the responsibility of Crane Township.



A motion was made by Mr. Tony Zartman to go into executive session at 8:00 a.m. with the County Prosecutor to discuss legal matters. The motion was seconded by Mr. Roy Klopfenstein. All members voting yea.

At 8:22 a.m. all members present agreed to adjourn the executive session and go into regular session.



Travis McGarvey, County Engineer - Mr. McGarvey and the Commissioners discussed the existing buildings at the fairgrounds. Construction of the new buildings will be started when the existing buildings are taken care of. Mr. McGarvey noted the layover project on CR 144 will begin soon. He also confirmed his staff will make sure the parking lot across from the fairgrounds is mowed prior to the Flat Rock Creek Festival this fall. The Commissioners discussed the Board of Elections building and the issues with rainwater flowing in such a direction that it is ruining the back door and frame. The Commissioners requested Mr. McGarvey assess the grade of the drainage area on that side of the building. The eave spouting and downspouting will be looked at to see if they need adjusted to change the flow of the water. Mr. McGarvey reported a drop of 1-1/2 to 2% in gas tax revenue from previous years.


Matt Sutherland and Mike Roaldi, Ohio Department of Development (conference call) - The Commissioners spoke with Mr. Sutherland and Mr. Roaldi regarding the Iberdrola Wind Farm development in Paulding and Van Wert counties. The Commissioners have been waiting to receive the certified number of Ohio domiciled workers from the Ohio Department of Development. Once this number is certified, it is a factor in the calculation of the service payment and the PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) payable to the county by the wind farm company. Mr. Sutherland promised the Commissioners he would have the certification completed by the end of this week. The certification will then be used as a tool in estimating the revenue for the 2014 budget. The Iberdrola Wind Farm project went on line June 14, 2012; however, had to be in production for an entire calendar year before a PILOT was incurred. PILOTs are due the year after they are incurred; therefore, the Iberdrola project’s 2013 service fee and PILOT will be due in 2014. Paulding County has 38 turbines in the Iberdrola wind farm, which is expected to produce 76 megawatts of electricity. The PILOT payment breakdown and distribution may vary from year to year, depending on the current millage rates in the taxing district where the turbines are located. Annual reviews will be done to determine if the percentage of the PILOT needs to be adjusted due to changes in millage rates.


Thad Lichtensteiger, Van Wert County Commissioner - Mr. Lichtensteiger and the Commissioners held a telephone conference. Mr. Lichtensteiger informed the Commissioners that the Village of Scott is attempting to reopen their ball field. Mr. Lichtensteiger remarked they will be accepting donations. The Commissioners then discussed their recent conversation with the Ohio Department of Development regarding Iberdrola’s wind farm. Van Wert County also has turbines in this project. Mr. Lichtensteiger appreciated the update.