September 1, 2014

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A flower with a powerful smell...
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 4:23 PM

In botanical gardens around the nation, garden enthusiasts and curiosity seekers are flocking to see – and smell – exotic voodoo lilies, which are in bloom right now. Sherri Black, who resides on Road 171 near Five Span, has a massive voodoo lily corm in full bloom.

“This was given to me by my cousin and is a native of Thailand, China and Indonesia. The lily’s bloom smells like rotting flesh to attract bees and flies to pollinate,” Black says. “The stench is unreal, but this truly is an amazing plant to see.”

Friends and neighbors have been marveling at the 4-foot-tall, cone-shaped stalk surrounded by a blood-red frill.

“She truly is a gorgeous lily right now, and will be blooming for a couple more days. The flower will die off. If you plant it outside in the spring, it grows and it produces a palm tree look in the summer months.”

Voodoo lilies, or Amorphophallus konjak, are also called devil’s tongue, snake palm or elephant yam.