August 31, 2014

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There's lots to do for little or no cost
Tuesday, April 01, 2014 9:12 PM


There’s lots to do for little or no cost

By Joyce Huseby • Guest Columnist

Have you talked to anyone in the past few months that hasn’t said “I’m sick of the weather/snow”? Doubtful!

It’s easy to get moody when there isn’t any sunshine for days and you hear a lot of grumbling about it. Maybe the thing to do is break the monotony with something you don’t usually do. If you have a camera stuck away somewhere, how about walking or driving around in the county and take a few snapshots of places or people you haven’t seen for a long time. Maybe an artistic look at the view off a bridge or the scene behind the library.

Speaking of the library, if you don’t have a library card it costs just a dollar to get one. That opens up a whole world of things to do. I see posters in the elevator with programs they are having for the kids every so often. If you sign up the kids, that frees mom/dad to some free time to look around and read the local newspapers. Also, a huge variety of magazines, CDs and even DVDs are available for borrowing free of charge.


The main attraction are the hundreds (thousands?) of books from the very newest titles to the old favorites plus recorded books, and they can also help you get what you want onto your Kindle. If they don’t have the book on hand, they will gladly do an interlibrary loan, which is also free (unless you keep it too long, of course).

My main interest is going to the library and using the computers, which are also free to use. I hear a lot of negative comments about not caring about computers and not knowing how to use one, etc. I have to laugh at that since it’s just typing in what you want and then tapping your index finger on the mouse to choose what you want. Actually, the library staff gives computer classes every few months, especially for beginners. If you’re bored, it’s not the library’s fault!

The library isn’t the only place to meet and talk to people. There are always the coffee shops, such as McDonald’s where you can get a senior coffee for 70 cents and sit and visit with all the friends, neighbors and business people who come in and out at all hours. You usually see someone you know. Of course, the same goes for the Dairy Queen, which has a special every day with no coupon needed that makes it more economical for you to eat out with a friend every once in a while. Between 2-4 p.m., you get a real deal – any drink with a straw for half price, even milk shakes. That place is so neat and clean and the food is always good. It makes it a pleasure to go in.

If you really want to go talk to people, go into the Past Time Café. They always seem to have people coming and going during the day. The food is great and the portions are generous. They have specials most days, too, and the quality is good so you can call up someone to go with you and be sure they will enjoy the lunch and the friendly employees.

The Paulding County Senior Center has nice activities and programs all year long. If you are of this age group, they will be happy to help you with your questions, or join them for a meal or activity. They offer many services, many of which are free. The staff is friendly and helpful and you may find some old friends or new ones if you pay a visit to the center. They have speakers who discuss financial questions, help with income taxes, give information about Medicare, nutrition and many other topics.

There are probably lots more things to do in Paulding County that I haven’t brought up, but when the sun starts shining we seem to get more inspiration. Monroe Park will be finished before long, and there’s LaFountain Park where you can take a snack and sit in the sunshine and fresh air (soon). Think about all the ball games and the swimming pool opening.

The newspaper is always a good source of activities and new ideas. Many clubs and organizations print their meetings in the Progress and you might find something that interests you.

Maybe someone who reads this will be inspired to come up with some more things to do that don’t cost much and write a letter to the editor with their ideas to share. Letters to the editor are my favorite part of the newspaper. They don’t cost anything to have printed. It’s especially nice when they are positive and make you feel good when you read them.

Joyce Huseby is a guest columnist for the Paulding County Progress.

The opinions stated are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.