September 1, 2014

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Commissioners' Journal April 7 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, April 12, 2014 1:52 PM

Commissioners’ Journal April 7, 2014

This 7th day of April, 2014, the Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Tony Zartman, Roy Klopfenstein, Fred Pieper and Nola Ginter, Clerk.


Jim Langham, Paulding Progress - Mr. Langham met with the Commissioners to discuss the County emergency radio system. Commissioner Fred Pieper noted the current system has some deficiencies when it comes to meeting the needs of the Sheriff's Office and some of the County's first responders. The most serious deficiency is there are several areas in the County where Sheriff's deputies and some first responders cannot talk back and forth to the Sheriff's Office dispatch. Commissioner Pieper commented the Sheriff is concerned for the safety of his deputies, the County's first responders, and the residents of Paulding County. In an effort to make communication better on a County-wide basis, the Commissioners recently applied to the FCC, hoping to re-assign one of the County's current EMA tower frequencies to the Sheriff's Office. According to Mr. Pieper, the process of re-assigning or acquiring a new frequency has to go through the FCC. Another alternative is for the Sheriff's Office to convert to MARCS (Multi-Agency Radio Communication System). The State of Ohio introduced MARCS several years ago. It was recently updated and offers the latest technology in inoperability. Paulding County has a MARCS tower already in place. Although MARCS would be highly effective, the prohibitive factor is the cost of the radios and the monthly user fee attached to each radio. Grant dollars may be available to purchase radios. Commissioner Pieper noted there are a couple of House Bills being considered that would utilize other sources for the user fee, or even eliminate it. Commissioner Pieper, Sheriff Landers, and Brion Hanenkratt (E-911 Coordinator) have been working together on this project.

Keith and Gary Derck - The Dercks met with the Commissioners to discuss improvements they feel are in order to the county-owned farm land located north of US 24. Gary Derck presented results from soil testing and copies of aerial maps of the ground for the Commissioners reference. The Dercks suggested a five-year lime application schedule to improve the effectiveness of fertilizers and herbicides. There is also a driveway into the field that needs to be widened. The Commissioners agreed maintenance and improvements need to be made. They will present the cash rent contract to the County Prosecutor for amendment possibilities. The Engineer's Office could recommend proper procedure on the driveway. The Dercks had one last concern regarding issues with the lane along one side of the field. People going back to fish have abused the lane, travelling on it while too wet causing ruts. The lane has also gotten too wide, consuming part of the field. The Commissioners will speak to the Engineer's Office regarding signage that could be posted at the site.

Randy Shaffer, EMA Director - Mr. Shaffer met with the Commissioners on his regularly scheduled day. He reporting the EMA vehicle is on its last leg. The vehicle has 202,000 miles on it and has already had the motor replaced. Mr. Shaffer noted he had recently submitted the first quarter 2014 paperwork with the state reimbursement office. He reported the state indicated receipt on April 5, 2014, and are processing it. Commissioner Zartman asked Mr. Shaffer if he had the documentation supporting the submission of the third and fourth quarter state reimbursement. Mr. Shaffer admitted that he thought he had submitted the paperwork, but could not find his copies. Mr. Zartman asked that he accomplish that by next Monday to prevent disciplinary action. Mr. Shaffer asked that the Commissioners' Office keep copies of the invoice/bill, voucher, and warrant to facilitate sending them on to the state. Mr. Shaffer then commented the Auglaize Township will be installing a weather siren. They plan to apply for CDBG dollars to help cover the cost. Commissioner Klopfenstein requested a list of clerical duties Mr. Shaffer was asked to create. Mr. Shaffer verbally responded by saying he needed assistance in timely EMPG grant reimbursement requests, in keeping and updating the resource manual, and in updating lists of various agency contact information. Mr. Shaffer reported his new computer has been delivered, however, he has not had the time to get it up and running. The Commissioners asked Mr. Shaffer what options he would like in a vehicle. He said he would like to have a fuel efficient 4-wheel drive with towing capabilities. Mr. Shafer then updated the Commissioners on the LEPC training exercise, which is tentatively scheduled in May at the Mercer/Landmark elevator in Payne. He reported working with Ben Snyder from the Mercer/Landmark office in Celina to secure a date and time. Mr. Shaffer informed the Commissioners he is planning a tornado drill sometime this spring. The Commissioners assured Mr. Shaffer they are working on a clerical assistant for the EMA office.

Bill Wiles and Gene Weidenhamer, Auglaize Township Trustees - Mr. Wiles reported Auglaize Township is currently working toward installing a new weather siren at the park across from the Cabbage Patch. He noted the new siren will cover 445 houses in Auglaize Township and will cost in the neighborhood of $21,780.00. The Commissioners suggested Mr. Wiles and Mr. Weidenhamer contact the Engineer's Office for assistance in deciding the location of the siren. Mr. Wiles noted they have been working with Nikki Warnke of Maumee Valley Planning Organization in completing the application for CDBG dollars to assist with the purchase of the siren. Both trustees agreed the township could help fund the project, just not at 100% of the cost. They then reported the condition of their township roads isn't too bad, considering the hard winter conditions. Auglaize Township runs two snow trucks and the fuel bill for January alone was $1,800.00. Mr. Wiles commented he was pleasantly surprised at the fairly good condition of the roads, despite the repeated abuse from snow removal efforts.

Aaron Timm, Engineer's Office - Mr. Timm reported his crew will be assisting the Probate/Juvenile Court in removing old office furniture tomorrow. The Commissioners mentioned the issues discussed at their earlier meeting with Keith and Gary Derck. Mr. Timm recommended closing the county parking lot beginning Sunday, April 13, until further notice as the drainage project will begin.

Corey Walker, Defiance/Paulding County Consolidated JFS - Mr. Walker updated the Commissioners on the progress at the new Paulding location. He hopes to be able to move the office within the next couple of weeks.