September 2, 2014

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Thursday, June 12, 2014 3:04 PM

Commissioners’ Journal June 2, 2014

This 2nd day of June, 2014, the Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Tony Zartman, Roy Klopfenstein, Fred Pieper, and Nola Ginter, Clerk.



Claudia Fickel, County Auditor - Ms. Fickel presented the Paulding County Financial Statements as prepared by Arend, Laukhuf, & Stoller Inc. The report contains the independent accountants’ compilation report, management’s discussion and analysis, basic financial statements, and notes to financial statements. Financial data contained in the report are for calendar/fiscal year ending December 31, 2013.


Jeff Hollis, All Trades Restoration - Mr. Hollis met with the Commissioners to addressed the exterior condition of the courthouse. After viewing the building together, Mr. Hollis emphasized the importance of waterproofing the building. He feels the moisture from the building is causing his company’s recent sandstone restoration work to deteriorate. He noted waterproofing was done to the areas where sandstone patching was applied; however, the rest of the building needs to be waterproofed. Mr. Hollis agreed to address the areas where the sandstone is deteriorating. Mr. Hollis also strongly suggested caulking the joints of the building as opposed to using mortar, stating the caulking would be more flexible with the changes in the weather. He recommended the building be pressure washed, tuck pointed, caulked at all joints, and waterproofed. The commissioners agreed to consider his recommendation; however, emphasized the recent restoration of the sandstone needs to be corrected as soon as possible.


Jerry Zielke, PC Economic Development - Mr. Zielke provided an update from the economic development office. He reported being very busy with several projects, with more updates as projects progress.


Raymond Gillespie - Mr. Gillespie met with the commissioners to discuss drainage problems on his property. He lives in Carryall Township in Paulding County; however, water backs up into his yard from a ditch in Defiance County. He stated he has contacted Defiance County and also Paulding County engineer for assistance in this matter. Mr. Gillespie believes the problem is with a pipe that may be too small to handle the water flow. The commissioners urged Mr. Gillespie to meet with the Defiance County commissioners and Defiance County engineer to try and solve his problem. The Paulding County Engineer’s Office offered to contact Defiance County’s engineer to assist Mr. Gillespie through the process.


Bargain Bin of Paulding Inc. board members and their attorney Brian Gorrell met with the commissioners to transfer the deed to the two lots west of the old jail site. Lisa McClure of the [Paulding County] Area Foundation presented the check for the property on behalf of anonymous donor/donors. The commissioners expressed their appreciation for all the good work the Bargain Bin ladies do for the Paulding County Hospital and the community. They wished them well on their building venture. The purchase agreement was signed by the three commissioners, Bargain Bin president Rhonda Smalley and vice president Rose Munger. Ms. Smalley thanked the commissioners for the property opportunity. She noted there have been donations for the project from the community. The lots are 66’ x 132’ each. Mr. Smalley also stated they are considering a 60’ x 80’ building.


Gary Adkins - Mr. Adkins announced his resignation as the Paulding County Hospital CEO. He has been offered a position at the Kendalville/Lutheran hospital.


Corey Walker, Defiance/Paulding County Consolidated JFS - Mr. Walker reported a new records’ commission would need to be formed for the consolidated Job and Family Services. He also noted the renovated Paulding building is almost ready for occupancy.


Kirk Slusher, Chris Hardesty, Rod Nuveman, Ross Laukhuf (ODOT); Travis McGarvey, Paulding County Engineer – ODOT District 1 deputy director Kirk Slusher, business and human resource administrator Christopher Hardesty, highway management administrator Rodney Nuveman, and Ross Laukhuf met with the commissioners and Paulding County Engineer Travis McGarvey to discuss “sharing” options. Commissioner Pieper noted ODOT has worked an agreement with Fulton County to utilize part of their building for county agency offices. Mr. Slusher outlined ODOT’s plan for their Paulding facility. ODOT’s goal is to maintain appropriate facilities and to keep equipment in good working order in all their satellite facilities throughout the state. ODOT has a statewide plan to replace several facilities and Paulding’s is at the top of the list. They plan to remain at the current site and build a new office as well as additional storage, updating the facility to meet their needs for this area. Mr. Slusher announced the design/building project is set to begin next spring (2015) and will hopefully be completed by November 2015. He noted the timing is perfect to discuss how ODOT and the county engineer’s site may be able to “share” certain amenities. Commissioner Klopfenstein suggested the possibility of housing the EMA office and the EOC (Emergency Operation Center) in ODOT’s building. Mr. Slusher noted that would be a consideration. He added that the EMA staff would be able to have access and a lease agreement could be entered into between the county and ODOT for office space. County Engineer Travis McGarvey expressed the need for additional storage for salt. Mr. Nuveman agreed an arrangement could be worked out. After a discussion of a recent Paulding County fatality on US 24, Mr. Slusher explained the decisions for the access roads to US 24 were made at the ODOT district level. He noted most if the accidents have occurred at the at grade intersections. Mr. Slusher stated as it is a tragedy, it happens all around the state. Each community only hears about the accidents close to their home area. Unfortunately, most accidents are driver error.