September 2, 2014

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Citizens’ group to hold meeting on factory farms PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 9:35 AM

Note: The following was submitted as a letter to the editor to the Progress:

Citizens’ group to hold meeting on factory farms

Dear Editor,

A new factory farm will soon break ground on Paulding County Road 95. The people of Paulding will be downwind and the farm will be 1.5 miles southwest of their reservoir. There are 17-20 more of this type of farm in the planning stages for Paulding County. We currently have at least 25.

Also, people in other counties are now building lagoons in our county and are trucking manure in from their county.

A concern for the health, air and water quality in Paulding County has risen to a new height in regards to this additional farm. Residents of Paulding County, including area villages, should be concerned with the lack of local control and state policy to limit the number of “factory” farms and disposal of manure in our county.

Ohio legislatures and Ohio Department of Agriculture have failed to address issues to protect our air, our water, our health and our property rights.

Our county is rural with a proud tradition of agriculture. Factory farms are not agriculture but industry and should be regulated as such. All towns and villages in addition to our rural areas in Paulding County are affected.

Since it is urgent that we act immediately, a meeting for all concerned citizens in Paulding County is planned at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 24 in the Paulding Eagles Hall.

Elected officials and candidates are especially urged to attend.

— Citizens Concerned for Quality Health, Water and Air in Paulding County

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