April 20, 2014

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Should the county emergency management agency office duties be a separate office?
Nancy Whitaker

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Last week in “Pennies” I wrote about how difficult it can be to speak the English language. We take English in school and it was always my favorite subject.

Back in my day, we used to diagram sentences. We would draw lines for the subject, predicate and descriptive words. Then we would take the words from the sentence and put it where it belonged on the lines.

We actually had races between students to see who could diagram a sentence the quickest. I will say I was pretty good at it, mainly because I love words and talking, which of course goes hand-in-hand.

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The 3 little pigs and wolf stew

I have always been a speculative person, always wondering, “What if?” Even when I was a child reading books, I would find myself creating a different ending to the story and pondering that ever present question, “What if?” I was always putting happy endings on sad stories. Such as, I did not want to think of the Big Bad Wolf eating any of the Three Little Pigs, so I made up my own story. I had the three pigs eating wolf stew for supper with carrots and potatoes.

For years people have talked, speculated and even prophesied that Jesus was coming back to earth and rapture up his people at a certain time and date.

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I am sure the title of this article grabbed your attention. First, let me explain the reasoning behind the name of the title. It has been said that the English language is one of the most difficult languages to learn to speak. Making it more difficult are the homonyms, homophones and homographs. They all begin with the prefix homo.

Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and pronunciation but different meanings.

Homophones are words that have the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings.

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I have never been one to eat, hunt or get close to wildlife. As a kid, I remember my grandpa going hunting with a big heavy slingshot. He would go hunting for rabbits and pheasants and he had pretty good luck with that slingshot and a few round silver balls for ammo.

A few years ago, we had an opossum on our front porch. It was big and ugly plus it was growling and raising Cain at midnight. You could hear it from the living room as it ransacked back and forth. Then I got brave and peeped out the window. The creature was big and looked fierce with that big ugly nose and snaggly teeth.

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It has been said that one man’s trash might be another man’s treasure. I remember years ago when there was a junk yard or dump in every town.

It was a favorite place to go look for something if you needed it or just go snoop around to see who got rid of what. Many times we would take things to get rid of to the dump and come home with more than we took.

If, for instance, someone collected jars or bottles, the dump was the place to go to maybe find that unique piece for your collection. There were usually all kinds of soda bottles, mason jars, beer bottles and half empty perfume bottles to be acquired at the town dump.

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It always makes me feel old when I hear someone who is a lot younger than me use the term, “good old days.” I use the term all the time too as did my parents and grandparents.

When my grandparents spoke of the “good old days,” told and remembered about the 1920s and 1930s. Of course, that is when they were young, had kids, and even though they endured tough times, they always thought that those years were the best times of their life.

They also talked about their younger days and how they lived way back in the hills. They often spoke of how they had just one pair of shoes, going barefoot, walking to school, horse and buggies, outhouses, and of eating greens and beans and cornbread.

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“Rain rain, go away, come again another day.” “I hate rainy days.” How many times have the best picnic plans went awry because of darkening skies and the forecast of rain?

Personally, I don’t mind rainy days, as it is a good time to stay inside and curl up with a good book. Plus, it is quite easy to fall asleep listening to the steady dripping of the rain.

When I was young, I remember that we had a big wooden barrel which was placed under the roof spouting. The rain would run down and fall into the “rain” barrel and we saved that water and used it for various reasons.

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“If I could win the lottery, I would travel. If I was rich, I would buy a new house, a new car, furniture and a swimming pool. How many of us have said those very words? I know I have.

I would venture to bet that if Mr. Average Joe won or inherited a million dollars, he, too, would spend the money on things to assist in living and producing a better lifestyle.

Now, rich people can afford more than me, but I wonder what kind of items do they actually spend big bucks on? You will be surprised at some of the world’s priciest items that have been bought and sold. Would you buy any of these items even if you had the money?

If you like cigars, one of the most expensive cigars ever sold was handcrafted in Honduras and came in a box made of carved camel bone and brass. Gurkha Cigars only produced five chests of 100 cigars, each priced at $115,000. That makes each cigar $1,150, a lot of money to “go up in smoke.”

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We live in a world where people may do just about anything, strange incidents occur and sometimes it seems as if, “there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

I have always had an interest in the weird news in our world. With today’s media, we hear so much more about what people do than we did 50 years ago.

We have always heard of women giving birth to multiple babies, co-joined twins, a dog or cat who could perform extraordinary feats, but some of the strange, odd news-making headlines may be a little different than 50 years ago.

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By Nancy Whitaker


I always enjoy going to see my grandchildren taking part in a school program. This is not only fun for parents and grandparents, but for the child as well.

Last week it was the youngest grandson, Owen’s, turn to participate in his preschool program. He is going to be making that important leap from preschool to Kindergarten and this annual end of the year performance is always a treat to watch.

These preschoolers attend a church based preschool in Monroeville, Ind. The performance is presented in the basement where a stage and chairs are set up.


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